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Tips For Platiunum Wax Work

Waxes should be kept as clean as possible. When carving waxes do not use the same tools that you use for gold. For example, a file that has been used to file metal will leave filings embedded in the wax, which will show up as pits in the casting. If possible, a separate clean bench should be set up exclusively for platinum wax carving work. Your wax should be gone over thoroughly with a loop to make sure that any surface imperfections are corrected. It will be a lot easier to clean up the wax at this point than it would be to remove surface imperfections after it is cast. If you are injecting a wax make sure that it is free of all moisture. Air compressor lines should have filters to remove all moisture. The filter should be changed regularly. Again, any moisture trapped in the wax will show up as pits when you polish the piece.

Tips for Avoiding Porosity Under the Sprue of a Platinum Casting

As you know platinum is a VERY difficult metal to cast. From time to time, we have encountered a small amount of porosity under the sprue. Therefore, we recommend the following BEFORE finishing:

  • Do not file sprue.
  • Heat sprue until it melts to achieve a homogeneous mix.
  • Hammer sprue as flat as possible.
  • File and finish as you ordinarily would.

In 99.9% of these cases, this will remove any porosity there may have been under sprue.