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Tips For Plumb Platinum Solders

Try these tips when using our Plumb Platinum Solders:

  • Put a clipping of cold solder on the joint to be soldered. Melting solder and applying with a solder pick is NOT recommended since it can cause oxidation. An alternative would be to hold the solder in place using a small amount of water. Apply a SHARP FLAME directly to solder to MELT AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. Applying heat to the piece and allowing the solder to heat up slowly can cause alloys in solder to burn out, making it harder for solder to flow and can also can cause oxidation (leaving a visible seam).
  • Never use an acetylene torch when working with platinum.
  • Do NOT use flux.
  • Solder tends to be thick and does not "wick" into joint. It is important that you place the solder in the right spot. It may leave a slight valley that would have to be built up.
  • Use solder that is closest in platinum content for best color match. For example, use our HARD platinum solder with 95%Pt/5%Ru alloy.
  • These solders are NOT intended for use with cobalt/platinum.
  • Do not roll solder down to make it thinner. Rolling down can cause solder to harden and it may crack when cut.
Flow Temp Plat
EASY 1375 90%
MEDIUM 1450 92.5%
HARD 1550 95%