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Tips for Soldering Karat Gold

To avoid pitting:
Do not use a flame that is too hot.
An easier lower melting solder will pit if a hotter fine tip torch is used. Using the same torch flame for 14kt yellow hard and 14kt yellow easy can cause pitting. Heat until the joint reaches a dull red color. Do not allow gold to reach a bright red! Use a lower flame with extra easy, easy, and medium solders. Using less oxygen can also help avoid pitting. Attempting to flow the solder too fast can cause it to pit.
Use sufficient flux.
The entire solder joint must be covered with flux, otherwise the part of the joint that is not covered with flux will oxidize. The solder will not flow evenly and the tendency will be for you to use more heat, resulting in pitting. Too much heat can also burn off the flux and cause the solder to pit. Using a paste flux can help because the solder will keep the joint covered and avoid pitting.
Make sure that joint is clean.
Polishing compounds, such as skin oils and pickle residue, can impede the flow of solder and cause pitting.
Solder joint must be even and tight fitting.
An irregular edge that does not mate properly with the other side of the joint will leave a seam. If possible, using an example of sizing a ring, butt the two ends to be soldered up against each other. Before soldering make one final cut. Saw both sides at the same time so that exactly mating edges will be left after cutting.
Use just enough solder.
Cut the right size piece of solder for each job. The solder should be just enough to fill the joint.
Do not apply heat directly to solder.
Solder will flow towards the heat. You should; therefore, apply heat to the side of the joint that is away from heat, if possible, allowing solder to flow through the joint.
Heat heavier piece first.
If you are soldering two parts of different weights (for example, a setting to a shank), heat the heavier piece first. Otherwise, it would be possible to overheat the lighter part.